What's new?

Version 1.8 - 25 October 2021

  • Supports Joomala 4

Version 1.7 - 16 June 2021

  • Supports PHP version 7.8
  • Modification to Module backend
  • Use of updated Joomla functionalities

Version 1.6 - 21 December 2016

  • Joomla System Updater Integrated

Version 1.5

  • Option to define Backstretch to a particular HTML element, class or an ID.
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J3 Module Plugin
Background Image Animation Extension for Joomla.
Version : 1.8

Extension Details

Joomla extension that allows you to add array of images at the backend which animates in the background image (body) to your website.

  • Option to define backstretch to a particular HTML element, class or ID NEW
  • Easy to setup and configure
  • Options to fetch images from folder
  • Sort images by name
  • Sort images sequentially or randomly.
  • Control fading time and fading out time
  • Single image can be define
  • Define images from individual path separated by comma(,)
  • Compatible with all browsers [Firefox 3.0 and more, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 and above, Safari and Opera ]
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Phones
  • Fully documented instructions file in the pack .