What's new?

Version 1.7 - 27 October 2021

  • Supports Joomla 4
  • Supports PHP version 8

Version 1.6 - 05 June 2020

  • Code Optimization
  • Option to choose folder in the backend [Module]
  • Thumbnail Zoom on hover option added

Version 1.5

Module [Caution : Please keep a backup of the slides while upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5 ]
  • Joomla updater integrated.
  • Option to add padding and margin around the thumbnail.
  • PHP and jQuery Issues fixed.
  • Additional CSS adding feature in the backend.
  • Option to add border and border color to the image.
  • Overlay Option added.
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Fullscreen Image Gallery

J3 J4 Module Plugin
Fullscreen Image Gallery Extension for Joomla
Version : 1.7

Extension Details

An extension that can be used as image gallery in your website. You can view the larger image in Full Screen view using this gallery.

Module Features

  • Option to fetch images from a defined folder or individual path
  • Option to resize the height and width of the thumb
  • Option to Enable/Disable Captions [Works with Individual Path]
  • Option to set caption font size, weight, color and font family
  • Supports multiple instance.
  • Works on all modern browsers.

Plugin Features

  • Supports Multiple Instance
  • Fetches images if the folder path is mentioned or individual path
  • Can auto resize image
  • Option to set width and height of the thumbnail images.
  • Option to set the control and background color. NEW