Diapo Slideshow

J2 J3 Module
Image slideshow with 29 image slideshow effects and 32 easing effects. The module is easy to configure with lot many functionality which can be managed in the module parameters. Changelog

What's new?

Version 3.2

  • Uses Joomla Update System
  • Uses Joomla jQuery Framework


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Diapo Slideshow
What can Diapo Slideshow do for you?

See our product features

  • 29 Image Slideshow Effects
  • 32 Easing Effects
  • Easy to configure parameters [Color Picker Added]
  • Add Unlimited Images.
  • Caption for each slideshow
  • Link images to web pages.
  • Height and Width can be controlled.
  • Auto resize images
  • Compatible with all browsers [Firefox 3.0 and more, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera , Internet Explorer 8 and above]
  • Compatible with iPad and iPhone
  • jQuery No Conflict and option to add js inside head or body.
  • Option to fetch images from folder list or path each in a separated line
  • Option to manage title for each slide
  • Auto Resize of Images
  • User friendly Module parameter settings
  • New Module Backend UI


  • Enable or Disable Caption Bar
  • Set Color of Caption Bar
  • Font Size , Weight and Color of Caption Text
  • Set your own font or choose from the list of 25 google web fonts
  • Direction of the caption can be changed to left/right.


  • Loader type of the image slider can be changed( Pie/Bar)
  • Opacity of Loader of the image slideshow can be changed.
  • Color of Loader of the image slideshow can be changed.
  • Diameter of the Pie in the slide show can be adjusted in the module parameter


  • Navigation of the image slideshow can be Enabled/Disabled
  • Enable/Disbale options for Stop and Play Buttons in the slide show
  • Pagination can be Enabled/Disabled.
  • Transition Period of the Slide of the image slideshow can be controlled
  • Pause time for each slideshow can be controlled
  • Auto Slide can be enabled/disabled in the image slideshow.
  • Direction of the caption can be changed to left/right in the slideshow

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