Camera Slideshow

Responsive Image Slideshow with 30 animations, 32 skin types, 34 easing effects.

Rate it Module Joomla 3.x.x Joomla 4.x.x VERSION 2.7 ChangeLogs

What's new?


  • Modification to the default.php file and helper files
  • Added caption opacity (rgba color picker)


  • Supports Joomla 4 Alpha


  • Installation file size reduced to 50%
  • Backend Parameters made easier to use
  • Joomla subform added.


  • Joomla Updater Added


  • 1. Multiple Instance Loader Issue Fixed


  • 1. Allows HTML Tags in Caption
  • 2. jQuery Isuue Fixed


  • 1. Navigation button issue fixed
  • 2. Works on mobile devices

Extension Features & Compatibility

30 Animation Effects

The slideshow has 30 awesome animation effects that will give your website a lively feel.

Add Unlimited Images

Slideshow has option to add unlimited number of images and also can fetch images directly from a folder.

Beautiful Navigation Skins

The module has more than 10 beautiful navigation buttons to match your website template.

Drag and Sort Backend

Option to add images, captions and links directly into the module parametes and sort them by dragging.

Multiple Instances

More than one instance of the slideshow can be published on same of different pages.

Template Frameworks

Works absolutely fine with frameworks like Helix, T3, Gantry, Wrap, Artisteer and more.

Supports Latest PHP Version

The module works fine with PHP7 as well as with all Joomla latest versions.


The Slideshow is highly responsive. Works perfectly fine and fits into all mobile, tablets and desktops.

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Slideshow Features

  • Option to set Caption for each image
  • Ability to link images to any website or URL
  • Feature to open link in either same or new window
  • Define height and width of the SlideShow in pixels or percentage
  • Option to set image slideshow to random/sequential order.

Loader Options

  • Option to define type of loader : Bar, Pie or None.
  • Option to define opacity, color, diameter and background color of the loader.
  • Thickness, padding and position of the loader can be defined.
  • Define direction of loader bar (Let to Right , Right to left, Top to Bottom and Bottom to Top)

Animation Options

  • Option to define animation type from a list of 30 effects
  • Option to enable or disable auto advance mode.
  • Option to enable or disable slideshow on mouse on hover
  • Option to show navigation buttons on mouse hover
  • Slideshow overlayer which disables user to save images from your slideshow
  • Option to enable or disable pagination
  • Option to set pagination types to either images or buttons
  • Option to set height and width of the pagination thumbnail
  • Option to set time and transition period of the slideshow

Caption Options

  • Enable or Disable Caption Bar
  • Set Color of Caption Bar
  • Font Size , Weight and Color of Caption Text
  • Set your own font or choose from the list of 25 Google web fonts
  • Direction of the caption can be changed to left/right.

Choose the plan that fits your Need !

Plan 30
Download Access - 30 days
Support - 1 Month
Domain Support - 1
Unlimited Downloads
Lifetime Usage
Install on Multiple Domains
Full time support
Plan 180
Download Access - 180 days
Support - 6 Months
Domain Support - 2
Unlimited Downloads
Lifetime Usage
Install on Multiple Domains
Full time support
Plan 365
Download Access - 365 days
Support - 12 Months
Domain Support - 3
Unlimited Downloads
Lifetime Usage
Install on Multiple Domains
Full time support
Download Access - Lifetime
Support - Lifetime
Domain Support - 5
Unlimited Downloads
Lifetime Usage
Install on Multiple Domains
Full time support