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What's new?

Version 1.6 - 26 October 2021

  • Supports Joomla 4
  • Joomla Updater Integrated

Version 1.5 - June 2021

  • Fixed Image loading issue for Image Slide Options

Version 1.4

  • Uses LazyLoad to load thumbnail images.

Version 1.3

  • CSS Issue Fix

Version 1.2

  • Uses Joomla Update System
  • Uses Joomla jQuery Framework
  • Uses Joomla Subform
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J3 J4 Module
Image Gallery Module for Joomla
Version : 1.6

Extension Details

Photobox is a easy to use responsive image gallery that can be used to showcase images . The gallery works perfectly on all and mobile devices.

Library Settings

  • Option to enable/disable jQuery
  • Option to add module suffix
  • Load JS in head/body incase of conflicts
  • Define gallery width to be responsive or fixed.

Module Settings

  • Can either fetch the images from folder or individual path.
  • Option to allow looping of images.
  • Option to hide or show counter.
  • Option to enable or disable autoplay of images.
  • Change the color of play/pause button and close button at the corner.
  • Option to enable/disable thumbnails at the bottom.
  • Option to resize the thumbnails by height or width.
  • Option to show images sequentially or randomly.
  • Option to enable/disable caption
  • Definre font family, color, size and weight.