Joomla Extension


What's new?

Version 1.8 - 17 April 2022

  • Supports Joomla 4
  • Update the extension directly from the Joomla Update Manager.
  • Add a valid license in the advanced settings of the module parameters.
  • Download the license key from the Downloads section of the store by creating an account using the same email address which you have used to purchase the extension.
  • Manual Update will once required to get the 1.8 version of the module. The future updates can be done automatically using the Joomla Update Manager.

Version 1.7 - 18 June 2021

  • Updated new helper file
  • Supports PHP version 7.8
  • Added new border options
  • Changes to Module Administrator Options

Version 1.6 - 23 October 2018

  • Option to set the characters of intro text

Version 1.5 - 12 December 2017

  • Joomla Update System Integrated
  • Uses Joomla jQuery Framework
  • Content Plugins can render inside the popup
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Content Pager

J3 J4 Module
Articles Slider Module for Joomla
Version : 1.8

Extension Details

Joomla content module which can fetch article contents from the selected categories and create pagers. It has options to show the complete article inside the popup.

  • Option to fetch joomla articles for a single or multiple categories.
  • Option set the intro image of an article.
  • Option to display the minimum and maximum number of slides you would like to appear.
  • Option to define the width of each slide.
  • Option enable of disable auto slide
  • Speed and pause time of the slide can be controlled.
  • Option to Hide/Show the Title, Category, Read More text, Author and Date
  • Option to change the "Read More" text to any other text.
  • Option to Hide/Show the Title, Category, Read More text, Author and Date
  • Option to set the width and height of the read more popup.
  • Option to set the border color, header text color and read more color.
  • Font size of the text can be set.