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Auto Onpageload Popup

J3 J4 J5 Module
All in one Popup Module for Joomla. Changelog

What's new?

Version 9.7 - 02 November 2023

  • Integrated Web Assets to Scripts and Styes of faster loading. (for Joomla 5)

Version 9.6 - 20 October 2023

  • Supports Joomla 5.0.0 without Backward Compatibility Plugin
  • Optimization of Code

Version 9.5 - 25 May 2023

  • Supports Dutch Language
  • Uses native Joomla Key Update Sites.

Version 9.4 - 16 February 2023

  • Language Support Integrated.

Version 9.3 - 03 February 2022

  • Removed Option to load JS file in Head/Body. Loads in the head by default.
  • One file to install for both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.

Version 9.2 - 29 November 2022

  • Option to enable or disable content prepare. Content Prepare allows Content Plugin to work inside the module

Version 9.1 - 15 March 2022

  • Update the extension directly from the Joomla Update Manager.
  • Add a valid license in the advanced settings of the module parameters.
  • Download the license key from the Downloads section of the store by creating an account using the same email address which you have used to purchase the extension.
  • Manual Update will once required to get the 9.1 version of the module. The future updates can be done automatically using the Joomla Update Manager.

Version 9.0 - 23 November 2021

  • Fixed issue with Joomla 4.x article selection from backend

Version 8.9 - 25 August 2021

  • Supports Joomla 4.x

Version 8.8 - 01 July 2021

  • Fixed CSS layout break issue

Version 8.7 - 16 June 2021

  • Motion Effects : Animation Parameters added and fixed in the backend.

Version 8.6 - 17 May 2021

  • Motion Effects : Option to set an animation for the popup from the list of 30+ animation effects.
  • Animation Duration Options added for the popup

Version 8.5 - 03 May 2021

  • Option to directly link an image to a URL

Version 8.4.1 - 01 October 2020

  • Fixed Border Issue

Version 8.4- 18 September 2020

  • Supports Joomla 4 Beta
  • Changes made to the module backend for easy configuration
  • Uses Joomla Article Modal in the module backend

Version 8.3- 08 September 2020

  • Fixed Multiple instance issues of the module

Version 8.2- 23 July 2020

  • Fixed Error on helper file
  • Fixed Poup Image Issue

Version 8.1- 06 July 2020

  • Complete Code Optimization
  • Modification to CSS and jQuery files.

Version 8.0- 22 January 2020

  • Option to set the text link to 5 different positions
  • Option to set onclick link position to Left top, Right top, Right Bottom, Right Bottom or any module position.

Version 7.9- 21 October 2019

  • Trigger Popup on Right Click
  • Option to set an element for right click

Version 7.8- 05 August 2019

  • Helper file has been updated, removed deprecated functions.
  • default file modification, added new classes

Version 7.7- 10 April 2019

  • Popup image not showing for inner pages fixed.
  • Auto Resize Popup according to the contents. Parameters added to the advanced settings of the module

Version 7.6- 05 March 2019

  • Fixed the backend Module selection issue.

Version 7.5-20 November 2018

A lots of features has been added to this upgrade and the backend layout has been modified and made simpler.
  • Option to directly select an image to appear inside the popup
  • Option to change the border properties of the popup box
  • Option to add custom close button

Version 7.4- 25 October 2018

  • Editor for Popup Content Management

Version 7.3- 02 July 2018

  • Option to use Minified version of JS and CSS

Version 7.2- 02 July 2018

  • Supports Joomla 4 Alpha

Version 7.1- 05 June 2018

  • Changes in PHP files and jQuery Updates
  • Popup Image Responsive Issue Fixed
  • Old Vulnerable files removed

Version 7.0- 05 March 2018

  • Option to enable or disable the closing of the popup when clicking on the overlay
  • Minor PHP issue fix

Version 6.9- 27 January 2018

  • Option to show popup on click
  • Option to add text or image to open on click
  • Option to show or hide the popup link
  • Option to hide popup link when cookie is set

Version 6.8- 22 November 2017

  • Uses latest version of fancybox 2
  • Fixed auto width issue of the popup
  • Minor jQuery Changes in default.php file

Version 6.7- 01 October 2017

  • Changes made to backend
  • Fixed Media URL Issue
  • Minor PHP Changes

Version 6.6- 06 June 2017

  • Changes to JS files.

Version 6.5 - 18 April 2017

  • Fixed the helper file error issue.

Version 6.4 - 20 January 2017

  • Backend uses Joomla jQuery Framework
  • Backend blank page issue fixed

Version 6.3 - 09 January 2017

  • Cookie can be set to Minutes, Hours and Days

Version 6.2 - 17 December 2016

  • Joomla Update System Added

Version 6.1 - 04 August 2016

  • Clear button has been added to the article select option.

Version 6.0 - 07 July 2016

  • Missing CSS images issue fixed.
  • Multiple instance Popup with option to set different styling has been added.

Version 5.9

  • Textbox to Dropdown for selection of modules.

Version 5.8 - 11 June 2016

  • Option to trigger on Exit
  • Option to trigger popup On Scroll
  • Option to trigger popup On Scroll to bottom
  • Option to set the close button to Left or right corner of the page
  • Image cut off on popup issue fixed.

Version 5.7 - 7 January 2016

  • Backend white screen issue fixed.

Version 5.6 - 22 June 2015

  • Border Radius of the popup can be modified in the module parameters.
  • Show for mobile devices issue has been fixed
  • Warning Notices fixed.
  • Support Google maps and Vimeo.


Current Version


Active Users
Auto Onpageload Popup
What can Auto Onpageload Popup do for you?

See our product features

Auto Onpageload Popup is a robust Joomla module designed to effortlessly create and integrate popups on your website. With its user-friendly interface and customization options, it enhances user engagement and conversions by aligning popups with your site's aesthetics.
Multiple Triggers
Flexible Control over popup

Multiple Triggers

Popup triggers offer flexible control over when to display a popup box:

  • Show on page load: Display when the page finishes loading.
  • Show on scroll to a point: Display when the user scrolls to a specific point.
  • Show on scroll to bottom: Display when the user reaches the page bottom.
  • Show on exit attempt: Display when the user tries to leave the page.
  • Show on click on text or image: Display when the user clicks on specific content.

These triggers allow customization for promoting products or newsletter sign-ups.

Open & Close Timer
control behavior of the popup

Open & Close Timer

Introducing a customizable popup box behavior feature with auto open/close and timer control.
  • Auto Open/Close: Set the popup to open or close automatically after the page loads.
  • Timer Control: Specify the duration in seconds for how long the popup should be displayed before it automatically closes.
  • Promotional Advantage: Ideal for promoting limited-time offers or drawing attention to important messages or products.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Prevents the popup from becoming intrusive or annoying to users by automatically closing after a specified time.
Insert Joomla Module
Popping up a Joomla module

Insert Joomla Module

Joomla Module integration within popups adds interactivity and functionality without custom coding. Examples include Joomla Login, Newsletters, and Forms.

  • Integration: Incorporate Joomla functionalities into popups easily.
  • Module Manager: Select and display desired Joomla modules within the popup.
  • Examples: Joomla Login, Newsletters, and Forms.
  • No Custom Coding: Enjoy the benefits without advanced technical skills.
  • Enhanced Experience: Engaging and useful popups for users.
  • Streamlined Interaction: Effortlessly interact with Joomla functionalities within the popup.
Cookie and Session
Control frequency of Popup

Cookie and Session

Controlling the display frequency of popups based on browser cookies and sessions is a powerful functionality that enhances the user experience. Here are the key points:

  • Control Display Frequency: Popups can be set to open once or multiple times based on browser cookies and sessions.
  • User Interaction Tracking: Browser cookies and sessions help keep track of whether the user has already seen the popup.
  • Cookie Duration: Set a specific number of days (e.g., X days) for the cookie, determining when the popup will reappear after the user has seen it.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Controlling the frequency prevents excessive disruptions and annoyance caused by frequent popup displays.
  • Customization and Alignment: Tailor the display intervals of the popup to align with the user's browsing behavior, creating a smoother and personalized experience.
Insert Joomla Article
Popup a Joomla Article

Insert Joomla Article

By inserting a Joomla article inside a popup, the website can display a specific article to the user within a popup box, making the article more prominent and accessible to the user. The popup can be triggered by various events, such as when the page loads, when the user scrolls to a specific point, or when the user tries to exit the page.
Inserting a Joomla article inside a popup can be useful for promoting a limited-time offer, drawing the user's attention to a specific message or product, or simplifying the user's experience on the website by making certain content easily accessible within a popup.
Youtube and Vimeo
Display Video Content Inside Popup

Youtube and Vimeo

The module allows to integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos by simply adding the video's URL in the media field in the module parameters.
Integrating YouTube or Vimeo videos in this way allows website owners to display video content within a popup window, giving users an opportunity to view the video without leaving the page they are on. This feature can be useful for promoting video content, drawing the user's attention to a specific message, or creating a more engaging experience for the user on the website.
Based on User Login
User access restriction

Based on User Login

The popup acts as a content restriction extension, meaning that it can be used to restrict access to certain content or pages on the website until the user logs in.
When the user visits the website, the popup will show up, asking the user to log in to view the restricted content. Once the user logs in, the popup will disappear, allowing the user to access the restricted content. This feature can be useful for websites that offer premium content or that require users to be logged in to access certain parts of the site.
By integrating this feature, the website owner can create a more secure and controlled environment for users, while also encouraging users to log in to access premium content. It can also help the website owner keep track of user activity and tailor the website experience to individual users.
Multiple Instances
Enhance Engagement

Multiple Instances

Multiple Instances of the module can be displayed on a single website, allowing the website owner to show different popups with different triggers and timing. This is useful when a website wants to show different popups to different users, depending on the user's behavior or the type of content being viewed.

For example, a website owner may want to show a popup when a user visits the homepage, asking the user to sign up for a newsletter. The owner may also want to show a different popup when the user is about to leave the site, offering a discount on products. By creating multiple instances of the popup, the website owner can target different users with different messages, making the user experience more personalized and relevant.

This feature allows website owners to be more strategic and effective in their use of popups, helping to improve user engagement, increase conversions, and drive better results for their business.

Template Frameworks
Template Compatibility

Template Frameworks

The module is designed to work seamlessly with popular template frameworks, such as Helix, T3, Gantry, Wrap, Artisteer, and more. This means that website owners can use the popup module with their existing templates and frameworks, without having to make any additional modifications or adjustments.
The ability to work with multiple template frameworks also makes it easier for website owners to create and manage their popups, as they do not have to worry about compatibility issues or technical limitations. They can simply install the module, configure it to their liking, and start using popups to engage with their users and improve their website's performance.
Mobile Friendly


The module is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that popups look great and function optimally on all devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. This means that website owners can use popups to engage with their users, no matter what device they are using.
The responsive design of the popup module automatically adjusts the size and layout of the popup to fit the screen of the device it is being viewed on, providing an optimal user experience. This is important in today's mobile-first world, where users are increasingly accessing websites on their mobile devices, and it is essential that websites look great and function well on these devices.
With the module, website owners can be confident that their popups will work seamlessly on all devices, helping to improve user engagement, increase conversions, and boost their website's performance.

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