Pop any Module

J3 J4 J5 Module Plugin
Extension to Popup a Joomla Module Changelog

What's new?

Version 2.9 - 27 October 2023

Version 2.8 - 05 September 2023

  • Change in plugin syntax
  • Allows HTML Element as Trigger

Version 2.7 - 23 May 2023

  • Single package file for installation of both Module and plugin.
  • Option to add the download key to update the package.

Version 2.6 - 05 February 2023

  • Modification in plugin syntax.
  • Removed jQuery loading in body.

Version 2.5 - 26 October 2021

  • Supports Joomla 4

Version 2.4 - 20 February 2021

  • Supports PHP version 8.1
  • Fixed jQuery conflict issue
  • Module selection dropdown added to the backend

Version 2.3 - 16 November 2020

  • New easy to use plugin syntax
  • Modification to backend parameters
  • Multiple Instance issue fixed

Version 2.2

  • Uses Joomla Update System

Version 2.1

  • Used jQuery JavaScript Framework


Current Version


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Pop any Module
What can Pop any Module do for you?

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Elevate your Joomla site with this dynamic tool, effortlessly integrating and customizing modules for interactive and engaging web experiences.

Module Variety & Placement

Versatile Integration

  • Easily integrate diverse Joomla modules like Newsletters or Contact Forms.
  • Utilize plugin syntax for flexible module placement.
  • Option to position modules anywhere in the site layout.
  • Seamless integration at article start or end.
  • Enhance site functionality with varied modules.
Custom Module ID & Triggers

Precise Control

  • Assign specific Module IDs for precise popup control.
  • Interactive triggers for popups via images or links.
  • Customize triggers according to site design needs.
  • Control over which module appears in the popup.
  • Tailor popups to enhance user interactivity.
Adjustable Dimensions & Animation

Customizable Design

  • Customizable height and width for the popup box.
  • Choose from animation styles like Fade or Elastic.
  • No animation option for a static popup appearance.
  • Design alignment with site's aesthetic.
  • Flexible design options for diverse site themes.
Speed Control & Styling

User Experience Focus

  • Adjust popup opening and closing speed for user comfort.
  • Options for speed: milliseconds, fast, normal, slow.
  • Seamless user experience with controlled speed settings.
  • Incorporate custom CSS for detailed design customization.
  • Enhance link or image styling associated with the popup.

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